Ayurvedic healing salon Kanti

Thank you for visiting Ayurveda Salon Kanti Homepage.
It’s a salon located at a private house in Nomi city,
Ishikawa prefecture of JAPAN.
To all the powerful ladies out there, who are performing
various activities daily,
would like to carefully offer individual time and
service to relax and recharge your body and mind.
Happily looking forward to help you in leading a shining
and happy day to day life.
Kanti, in Sanskrit means,
Light,Shine,Beauty of a lady,Beauty,Bright
Desire,Lovely Color,
Lovely lady and so on..
It includes lots of meaning in it.
* Only Ladies and entirely on reservation basis Salon
Ayurvedic salon Kanti
Ayurveda,Abhyanga,Oil massage,Reiki,therapy,
marma,energy point,Healing,ib mapping etc
Working Hours
10:00-17:00 (Final Reception Time)
If case of any inconvenience on the above mentioned time,
kindly feel free to contact.

Restore & Relaxation


Healing Room

Bringing/ Getting back to origin

  Kanti's Menu
20000 yen+tax(total 100min session)


Shiro Abhyanga (Head Oil Massage) 

   With Ayurvedic Nourishing Herbal Oil



Pada Abhyanga (Foot Oil Massage) 



Swedana (dome sauna)

5000yen (total 45min)



Marma Energy Point & Healing Reiki Massage

  no use oil


Kanti's Access


located the city of Nomi in Ishikawa Prefecture. 

Nomi-city of the southern part of Ishikawa, there is to distance of northeast approximately 20km to prefecture capital Kanazawa.



Foreign language correspondence

English,Spanish and Korean available




◆한국어 (공부하고 있습니다)




Samastha lokah sukino bhabanntu

Om shanti shanti shantih

Ayurveda Salon Kanti  mail:salon_kanti♪yahoo.co.jp Please change ♪ to @.Nomi-shi,Ishikawa